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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the ACM.

Q. Is this for men or women?
A. The ACM® is for everyone. Women or men, mom, dad, teens (ID's, phone cards, shopping cards), grandma or grandpa, everyone!
Q. About how big is it?
A. We often tell our customers inquiring about the size of the ACM that the 6 Card Wallet is 'about the size of a deck of cards' give or take a few millimeters.

When discussing the 12 Card Wallet a good reference is often 'two ACM® 6 Cards back to back.' See also 'Specs' page

Q. Will it fit in my pocket?
A. Yes. The ACM® was designed specifically to be as compact as possible. It fits easily into pockets in pants and jackets and fits in the smallest of women's purses.
Q. It's OK to sit on it in my back pocket?
A. No! The acm® was designed to be carried in your front pants pocket. While the ACM® is very tough it was not meant to carry the stresses of a persons bodyweight over and over, day in and day out. Besides, why would you sit on a hard shell? For the same reason you don't sit on your cellular phone or your iPod. Additionally, sitting on a thick wallet is known to cause low back issues over time.
Q. What is it made of?
A. The ACM® body is made from a tough poly carbonate plastic. The Silver units are hard anodized with a brushed chrome coating while the colored units are coated with a rubberized polymer, making them super durable, scratch and mar resistant.
Q. How much does it weigh?
A. Although it appears heavy looking because of its metal finish, it is actually VERY light. The ACM® 6 weighs approximately 3 oz,and the 12 Card weighs 3oz.
Q. How many cards does it hold?
A. The Original ACM® holds six cards, while the ACM®12 holds - you guessed it - 12 cards.
Q. Where is the money clip located?
A. Each ACM®'s money clip attaches the at sides and is usable on the back, or 180 degrees around from the button side. The clip is removable very easily by prying off on either side where the clip attaches with your fingernail or a subtle tool (letter opener, butter knife).
Q. How do I interchange the buttons icon pads?
A. The button icon pads are designed to fit the housing so well, that you will be surprised how easily they are changed while being so secure while in place. Pulling back with a fingernail on the top edge of the pad where it contacts the housing will usually get it to pull up and out very easily. Make sure when you put the new pad in that its 'tabs' are in the 'slots' in the housing for a perfect, secure fit.
6 good reasons you will love the ACM®.

1. It just works.
How often have you had problems with your cards getting bent, demagnetized, worn out or lost? Imagine if all that hassle just disappeared. And now imagine that there is a product which solves all those problems and is easy to use. It’s robust and secure and at the same time compact and light as a feather. Just by moving your finger you have the right card to hand. Make the choice for an acm® and rediscover some quality of life.
2. Faulty cards? Not with an acm® card case.
We all know the problem – you’re standing at the checkout, pull your card out and then it happens – the card doesn't work. The reasons are well known: traces of wear and tear from keeping the card in a wallet, or an unreadable magnetic strip because it accidentally got demagnetized from all the static.

The acm® provides a secure place to keep your most important cards. Faulty cards are a thing of the past!
3. Compact design.
The acm® card case is made of an aluminum-coated hard shell, has a compact, handy shape and has room to keep up to 6 ISO Standard (85x54 mm) cards in safely.
Its' patented technology and unique design make acm® a very special and unique device for shopping, refueling, leisure activities and holidays – you can take acm® everywhere. You always have the right card to use at a touch.
4. Patented technology
Its' patented technology makes the acm an indispensable daily companion. By just moving your finger, you automatically have the right card to use. No more endless searching. The special tracking technology secures each card individually. That means that cards accidentally falling out or even getting lost is a thing of the past. With all the slots filled. when one is out or in use it is very obvious a card needs to be returned! The acm card case is made of an aluminum-coated hard shell and can withstand almost any external impact in everyday life.
5. You don't need to go without anything.
You don’t want to do without leather? You want to have more business cards at your fingertips? Then you need the leather case specially developed and produced for the acm. This case is made of genuine lambskin leather and is the perfect match for your acm®. The sophisticated accessory encases your acm like a second skin. Banknotes, business cards and other receipts can be kept safely and easily. It lets you enjoy all the advantages of the acm®, without having to forego the wallet you’re used to.
6. Cyber Crime.
The acm® All Silver Wallet has been tested to protect against RFID theft. That's right, those pesky criminal masterminds that are attempting to find even more ways to steal your information now have the acm® to deal with. Chipped cards inside the All Silver ACM Wallet cannot be read. How do you guys like us now?? :)
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